Perfex Speed Candid 1938

Perfex Speed Candid 1938
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Camera Corp. USA Perfex Speed Candid
c1938-1939. 35mm film, uncoupled rangefinder camera. Bakelite body.
In amazing external condition
The shooter works
Includes original leather case - in used condition
Special item.
"This is a Perfex Speed Candid, a 35mm rangefinder camera made by the Candid Camera Corporation out of Chicago, Illinois between the years 1938 and 39. It was Candid’s first ever camera, and the first camera to bear the “Perfex” name, which after this model evolved into a semi-successful family of Perfex rangefinder and scale focus 35mm cameras. The Speed Camera is a large and heavy monstrosity that had the first American made 35mm focal plane shutter and managed to include nearly every popular feature for a 35mm camera of the time, including an uncoupled rangefinder, extinction meter, and interchangeable lens mount. The camera did not sell well, and thankfully, it’s designers went back to the drawing board for their next camera, the Perfex Forty-Four."
Film Type: 135 (35mm)
Shutter: Cloth Focal Plane
Speeds: B, 1/25 – 1/500 seconds
Exposure Meter: Extinction Meter
Battery: None
Flash Mount: None
Weight: 810 grams
Manual: None

Model/type nummer
Speed Candid 1938
Object/apparaat type
Getest en werkend
Not tested
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