Originele geometrische sprei uit de jaren 70 - 260 x 270 cm - Katoen - Tweede helft 20e eeuw

Originele geometrische sprei uit de jaren 70 - 260 x 270 cm - Katoen - Tweede helft 20e eeuw

Original double bedspread, 1970s, 70s vintage.
Yarn-dyed Jacquard processing, loom-woven warp and weft, dating back to the 1940s.
An item of exceptional workmanship. Beautiful! Truly rare

A great rarity. A vintage piece, unique thanks to its processing

Double bedspread size: approx. 260 x 270 cm

This is a vintage piece, as such it is recommended to clean and wash it, in order to remove any odours or stains. Needless to say, the cleaning of the item is the responsibility of the buyer.
The item might show some signs of oxidation, dust, mending or old rips.

Yarn-dyed fabrics are synonymous with reliability as they ensure perfect resistance to washing and use. Items made with yarn-dyed fabrics are cut with the ‘tearing’ technique i.e. without scissors, so the fabric follows the natural path of the thread.
Yarn-dyed fabrics feature a previously dyed warp and weft, sometimes with different colours.

It differs from the dyed fabric because, in that case, the fabric is made by using only neutral white colour yarn and once the process of weaving ends, the fabric is dyed directly in the piece.

Directing the factory work therefore required specific experience and expertise, gained in the various production areas. In the particular case of textile industries, the arrival of machines driven by inanimate energy gave rise, almost immediately, to a linear or sequential production process. The superiority of mechanical spinning over hand spinning was, for example, several hundreds to one for the hydraulic spinning machine.
The Italian textile industry of the Second World War (1940/45) suffered a situation similar to that of the First World War, during which almost all industrial activities suffered a general slowdown.

Originele geometrische sprei uit de jaren 70 - 260 x 270 cm
Geschatte periode
Tweede helft 20e eeuw
Land van herkomst
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