Schaumburg Watch - Urbanic North & South -Double MooN Grand Perpetual - Heren - 2011-heden

Schaumburg Watch - Urbanic North & South -Double MooN Grand Perpetual - Heren - 2011-heden
Mechanisch automatisch - Staal - Volledige set

Mint condition from 2018. Unworn from a collector.

URBANIC DOUBLE MooN northern or southern hemisphere

A second moon in the watch firmament! The Urbanic Double MooN is the next evolutionary stage of the mechanical high-tech moon phase watch first presented in 2011. While we still had to choose the lunar cycle display of the northern or southern hemisphere for the original version, the latest creation shows the moon twice, not only for world travellers. At any time, its moon phase displays, each 13.4 mm in diameter and with earth-shadow simulation, provide a photo-realistic representation of the lunar phases brightly lit at night and at a maximum deviation of just a single day per 122.5 years. To achieve such a high degree of precision in displaying the lunar phase through the years, an extremely complex clockwork is needed. Conventional lunar-phase watches apply a length of 27.5 days to the cycle of the earth’s satellite—while it is actually 27.3217 days. This means that a one-day deviation from the actual lunar phase is reached after just half a year. The moon phase module with date hand now produced in-house at the Schaumburg Watch manufactory and the SW-12 base movement are housed in a prominent steel case 45 mm in diameter at a height of 14 mm. The entire case is securely protected by anti-reflective sapphire glass pressure resistant up to 10 atm, which corresponds to a water depth of 100 meters. A luxury leather strap 22 mm wide at the lugs with functional buckle completes the model.

The MooN is a mechanical high-tech moon phase watch of the superlative. Its display is luminescent, patented and realistically depicts the lunar cycle of the northern and southern hemisphere with a maximum divergence of just one day in 122.5 years. The cycle time of our earth satellite is 27.3217 according to sidereal calculation and approx. 29.53 day according to synodic periods. A simple lunar-phase-watch measures one moon cycle as 27.5 days. To keep the lunar-phase watch accurate a very complicated clockwork is needed. Analogous to the daily shift of the moon rise by around 50 minutes, the ebb and flow of the tide also occur around 50 minutes later. Spring tides at full and new moon illustrate the tremendous force of the celestial moon on any water balance here on earth. The phases of the moon therefore have sustainable influence on our lives. However, we modern humans are so far removed from the natural rhythm of light and tides that we need a moon phase watch to be aware of the current moon position. Lunar watches and moon calendars are therefore experiencing a tremendous revival in recent times. The drawback of most lunar phase watches is their imprecision, only a very few highly expensive watches keep their precision for decades. The moon phases have always been a topic for Schaumburg Watch: Our aim was to integrate a realistic moon phase display with the most precise functionality possible into a wristwatch. The realistic depiction of the MooN is probably the largest moon phase display in the world for an automatic watch at 13.4 mm. It is not the depiction of the moon itself that moves, but the simulation of the earth's shadow. In this way the moon is still visible on the dial at new moon as seen in a starlit sky. At full moon the small moon shines like its larger model thanks to the Superluminova material. A further top feature designed by Schauburg Watch is the choice of whether to have the MooN delivered with moon phase running to the right or left for the northern or southern hemisphere. This in-house development is based on an innovative minute wheel movement, which allows the moon phase to run left or right depending on the latitude. A further highlight is the almost absolute precision of the moon phase display: it will take 122.5 years for the moon cycle to deviate a single day. Just as important as the decades long precision was the setting of the moon phase precise to the nearest minute on the dial. The correcting pusher at 8 o'clock enables the shadow of the earth over the moon to be adjusted by minute so the the full moon can be set to 10.05 pm for example.

Case: steel, polished, brushed
Diameter: 45 mm
Water resistance: 100 m / 100 atm
Crown: screw-in
Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Movement: SW-12, automatic wind
Function: perpetual moon, northern and southern hemisphere, hour, minute, date
Strap: leather, buckle

Schaumburg Watch
Urbanic North & South -Double MooN Grand Perpetual
Mechanisch automatisch
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