Henry Eeles Dresser / John G. Keulemans - A history of the birds of Europe - 1871/1881

Henry Eeles Dresser / John G. Keulemans - A history of the birds of Europe - 1871/1881
Ornithologie - Aantal: 13 - Gesigneerd door illustrator - Eén vel

To avoid misunderstandings, it is hereby expressly emphasised that the lot consists of 13 individual lithographs and not 'books'.

From the monumental ornithological masterpiece in the first edition "A history of the birds of Europe" by Henry Eeles Dresser, from volume 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7, with a total of 13 very well preserved old coloured lithographs are offered as always on slightly yellowish strong paper in excellent colouring.
All lithographs are signed by Keulemans on the plate.

The illustrations are all excellently coloured and partly heightened with egg white. The lithos are all spotless, the margins are clean and straight. The overall state of preservation is very good as can be seen in the photos.

The following minor defects are pointed out separately:
1) 'Macqueen's Bustard' with small flaw in the paper (photo)
2) 'Lanius Nubicus' with adhesive tape off-cut (photo) and barely visible mount margin and small paper loss at upper left corner (photo).
3) 'Black Chat' with barely visible passe-partout border

Some photos are slightly zoomed in for a better impression of the details. In the first two photos you can see the comparison to the original size. Some photos appear slightly brighter due to the photograph setting.
For all 13 lithographs the detailed ornithological description in English is enclosed as b/w copy from the copies of the 'Smithsonian Libraries' (103 copies in total), see last photos.

Henry Eeles Dresser's "A history of the birds of Europe 1871-1896" was published in the most splendid years of the Victorian era, at a time when an extraordinarily talented group of artists, writers, publishers and printers were producing some of the most magnificent titles in ornithological literature.

This work was to be the last large hand-coloured bird book, which in itself is extremely rare and precious, as only about 240 copies were issued to subscribers only. Because of this extremely small edition, it is far rarer than Gould's Birds of Britain and Audubon's Birds of America. Although it is called Birds of Europe, the scope was actually much broader and included species from Europe to part of Asia, North Africa and the Caucasus.

Most of the illustrations are by the famous Dutch painter and illustrator John Gerrard Keulemans (1842-1912), who was famous for his outstanding artistic work in the field of ornithology. Using specimens from Dresser's own collection of 12,000 birds, he produced more than 650 of the illustrations for this magnificent work, which was his greatest achievement.
He illustrated many important bird books, including Buller's "A History of the Birds of New Zealand" (1873) and Shelley's "Monograph of the Sun-Birds" (1876-1880).

Eén vel
Aantal boeken
Auteur/ Illustrator
Henry Eeles Dresser / John G. Keulemans
A history of the birds of Europe
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London, Selbstverlag
Gesigneerd door illustrator
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31×22,5 cm
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