Verbluffende sierlijke hoogwaardigheidsbekleder Ring - .925 zilver, Opal Welo, amethist - Steen van de spirituele reis

Verbluffende sierlijke hoogwaardigheidsbekleder Ring - .925 zilver, Opal Welo, amethist - Steen van de spirituele reis
Italië - Na 2000

Superb finely-crafted dignitary faith ring.
Stone of the spiritual journey.
Strong protection.

In the Middle Ages, we find traces of amethyst stone, very popular among members of the clergy. The name ‘stone of the bishops’ is frequently used since the rings of the bishops were adorned with amethysts, whose colour was similar to their clothes. Even today, the jewels of the British crown are adorned with the same precious stone. The symbolism of the stone therefore remains very sacred and symbolises devotion to God.
In the Buddhist religion, it is represented as the stone of spiritual journey whereas in India it represents the Stone of Brahman and in Celtic customs, the Druid Stone. The amethyst stone therefore has a very strong sacred symbolism, which varies according to religion.

4.33 g, that is, 21.65 ct in total.
Clarity: transparent and translucent.
Cut: oval faceted and oval cabochon.
Inner diameter: Dimensions: 58, 18 1/2, 8 1/4.
Total length: 2.7 cm
Height: 2 cm
Outer width: 2.15 cm
Silver hallmarked 925.
Pictures taken in daylight. The opal reacts in the sun and we see rainbow reflections.

Power of the opal: The opal reflects the truth. It places us face to face with our inner life, our mind and our thoughts. It is the symbol of loving tenderness, purity of feelings, shared trust and, above all, fidelity. It stimulates thinking and balances the emotional level. It promotes creativity, encourages feelings of love and friendship. Opal allows refocusing and guides towards a path of wisdom and surpassing oneself. It gives us joy, clarity and intuition.

Power of amethyst: Symbol of serenity and balance, sincerity, wisdom, and temperance. It acts against stress, dissolves anxiety, calms fears, enhances memory and promotes sleep. It makes negative thoughts disappear.

The gems are usually treated to improve the colour or clarity. No research has been conducted on this specific item.
Registered shipment with insurance and track & trace.

Verbluffende sierlijke hoogwaardigheidsbekleder Ring
.925 zilver, Opal Welo, amethist - Steen van de spirituele reis
Geschatte periode
Na 2000
Land van herkomst
Uitstekende staat - nauwelijks gebruikt met minimale gebruikssporen en tekenen van ouderdom
2×2,15×2,7 cm
4,33 g
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