Boeddhistische ketting - 27 natuurlijke parels - Amuletten - De 2 gouden vissen en Vajra Crusader - Vruchtbaarheid en overvloed voor ware liefde - Agaat & Crazy Lace - 292,7 g

Boeddhistische ketting - 27 natuurlijke parels - Amuletten - De 2 gouden vissen en Vajra Crusader - Vruchtbaarheid en overvloed voor ware liefde - Agaat & Crazy Lace - 292,7 g
China - Eind 20e eeuw

Buddhist necklace, Mâlâ, composed of 27 Tiger's Eye natural agate beads, Crazy Lace agate and veined agate, finely crafted with 2 amulets, the 2 golden fish (Matsyayugma) and Vajra of the universe (Diamond) mad of agate.

Fertility and abundance for true love.
Spiritually and emotionally, the agate has energizing and soothing virtues which strengthen the body and mind. The stone helps overcoming conscious or unconscious fears and phobias. It helps dispelling feelings of insecurity and lack of self-confidence by highlighting the energy potential buried in each of us.

With 30 intermediate silver-plated beads with multiple Buddhist symbols.
With pebble, oval and facetted shapes with ribbon patterns, striated and shades of bright caramel, golden, orange pink, black, cherry and white colours.
The 2 amulets are carved in shapes representing the 2 golden fish and crossed vajra with refined decorations, with a milky and opaque look, shades of grey-white and dimmed grey.

Necklace with a beautiful composition of quality agate beads, handcrafted and unique.

Carefully handcrafted.
There is a thin wear mark on the surface, without any chips.

A box will be included.

- Weight: 282.7 g - 1,413 carats.
- Circular length: 62 cm.
- Extension: 10.5 cm.


- Tiger’s eye agate -
13 round and olive shaped beads - (23.5 x 16 mm - Diameter: 16 mm).

- Crazy Lace agate -
- 8 pebble beads - (27 x 18 mm) +/- 2 mm.

- Veined Agate -
- 2 faceted beads - (25 x 7.5 mm)

- Agate with ribbon patterns - 4 round beads - (Diameter: 6.5 mm).

- Milky Agate - 1 amulet - The 2 golden fish - (41 x 47 x 24 mm).

- Dimmed gray agate - 1 Amulet - Crossed Vajra - (41.5 x 16 mm).

- Silver-plated metal - 30 pearls with multiple shapes adorned with decorations representing melons, eyes, shou ideograms, lotus leaf and archaic decorations - (Diameter from 10.5 to 4 mm).

Please note:

- The 2 golden fish:

The Matsyayugma or minayugala is an auspicious symbol in India, one of the Ashtamangala of Jainism, according to the shvetambara branch. This divine symbol of luck is also found in Buddhism.

It is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. It consists of two fish,
which usually stand vertically with the heads turned inwards towards each other.

The pair of fish is an ancient pre-Buddhist symbol of India's two sacred rivers, the Ganga and the Yamuna.
Symbolically, these two rivers represent the lunar and solar channels,
which originate in the nostrils and carry the alternating rhythms of breath or prana.
Two adjoined fish symbols of good fortune and bliss.

In Buddhism, the 2 golden fish symbolise happiness because they have total freedom in the water.
They represent fertility and abundance because they multiply very quickly. Fish often swim in pairs.
In China, they represent marital unity and fidelity, where a pair of fish is often offered as a wedding gift.
It improves love life and brings happiness to marriage or relationships.
They strengthen the romantic relationships, but they also rekindle the lost spark with their energy.
They are even a perfect symbol for single people who are waiting for their true love.

Double Dorje - Vajra of the universe, lightning or diamond,

Dorje means ‘noble stone’ in Tibetan while vajra means
lightning or diamond, implying its hardness.
It is an unparalleled weapon, a means to destroy ignorance.
From its Hindu origins flowed a new Buddhist symbolism.
The double vajra, or crossed vajra or vajra with 4 tips (vishvavajra ) symbolizes absolute stability. In Tibetan it is called dorjegyatram, dorje gyadram, double dorje.
Protection - Awakening - Success.
This powerful magic talisman creates a protective shield around the user.
It works by attracting beneficial cosmic forces through the power of resonance.
The two connected dorje form a cross. This is the foundation of the physical world.
It protects the wearer from accidents, misfortunes, but also damage in general.
Then, it influences others in a positive way by promulgating peace, joy, happiness by diffusing a positive atmosphere.
And finally, it helps to develop the spirituality of its owner.

- Crazy Lace agate is a very aesthetic and interesting variety. The most interesting deposits of this fine stone are mainly situated in the state of Chihuahua in Mexico.
The optical feature of the Crazy Lace agate lies above all in its mix of colours, ranging from white to yellow through gray, red or blue and more. Like all agates, Mexican agates are composed of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). Successive deposits of metals and materials give it not only different shades and colours, but also a particular entanglement of layers and lines.

The stand is not included in the sale.

Please see the attached pictures for a better idea of the lot.
It will be carefully packed and shipped via Colissimo, with insurance and track and trace.

Boeddhistische ketting - 27 natuurlijke parels - Amuletten - De 2 gouden vissen en Vajra Crusader
Vruchtbaarheid en overvloed voor ware liefde - Agaat & Crazy Lace - 292,7 g
Geschatte periode
Eind 20e eeuw
Land van herkomst
Uitstekende staat - nauwelijks gebruikt met minimale gebruikssporen en tekenen van ouderdom
0×0×62 cm
282 g
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