Drie originele theeglazen (USSR Sovjet-ruimtetijdperk) - Kopernikkel. kristal

Drie originele theeglazen (USSR Sovjet-ruimtetijdperk) - Kopernikkel. kristal
SOVJET-UNIE - Midden 20e eeuw

Cup holder "Walking to the Stars". USSR, 1961. Material: cupronickel. Manufacturer: Mstersky Jewelry Factory. Technology: stamping. Height (with handle): 9 cm, diameter: 6.5 cm. Based on the YUM1MET brand imprint. On the front side of the case there is a relief image of a young woman against the background of the Kremlin, stretching out her hands to the starry sky, in which the satellite is visible. The sides of the rarity are decorated with ornaments in the form of oak leaves and ears. The issue of the cup holder is dedicated to the successes of the USSR in the field of space. Over time, the metal turned a little yellow. The preservation is excellent, the traces of time are minimal and only emphasize the venerable age of the exhibit. The set includes three heat-resistant fine crystal glasses.

Drie originele theeglazen (USSR Sovjet-ruimtetijdperk)
Kopernikkel. kristal
Geschatte periode
Midden 20e eeuw
Land van herkomst
Uitstekende staat - nauwelijks gebruikt met minimale gebruikssporen en tekenen van ouderdom
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