Romero, Enric Badia - Original strip - Modesty Blaise - (1972)

Romero, Enric Badia - Original strip - Modesty Blaise - (1972)
Goed - 1 Originele tekening(en) - Size 49,5 x 16 cm.

Original Modesty Blaise comic strip by Romero from 1972. Number 2692. Pen and ink on cardboard paper. Size: 49,5 x 16 cm. Ink stamp at the back with date: 14 Feb 1972. The printed strip cut out of the newspaper and placed on the back. In good condition.

Modesty Blaise is a British comic strip featuring a fictional character of the same name, created by author Peter O'Donnell and illustrator Jim Holdaway in 1963. The strip follows Modesty Blaise, an exceptional young woman with many talents and a criminal past, and her trusty sidekick Willie Garvin. It was adapted into films in 1966, 1982, and 2003, and from 1965 onwards eleven novels and two short story collections were written.

Modesty Blaise debuted in the London Evening Standard on 13 May 1963. The strip was syndicated among a large number of newspapers ranging from the Johannesburg Star to the Detroit Free Press, the Bombay Samachar, The Telegraph (Calcutta, India), The Star (Malaysia), The West Australian (Perth), The Evening Citizen (Glasgow, Scotland) and the Birmingham Evening Mail (Birmingham, England).

After Jim Holdaway's sudden death in 1970, the art of the strip was provided by the Spanish artist Enrique Badía Romero. Eight years later, Romero quit to make time for his own comics projects, and after short attempts by John Burns and Patrick Wright, Neville Colvin drew the strip until 1986. Then Romero returned to the job and continued until the end of the strip.

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Modesty Blaise
- Original strip - Modesty Blaise
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Size 49,5 x 16 cm.
Romero, Enric Badia
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