Napoleon Bonaparte - Original autograph signed cent jours - 1815

Napoleon Bonaparte - Original autograph signed cent jours - 1815
Geschiedenis, Handschriften, Militaria, Politiek - Aantal: 1 - Getypte letter gesigneerd (TLS)

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Emperor

Partly printed document signed "NAP", Paris, 3rd May 1815

Very rare, large and important document signed during the Hundred Days when Napoleon came back to power after leaving Elba Island.

As France is attacked by all European powers, Napoleon appoints an Officer to defend the fortified city of Bergues (North of France, near Belgium) against the enemies :

"The city of Bergues and the French Fort being in state of siege, armed and protected from any attack, we have appointed as Superior Commandant of this stronghold a very brave officer, who has proved his zeal and fidelity in many fights. We have taken into account the services of COLONEL FROMENT and we appoint him by this document signed in our hand Superior Commandant of the City of Bergues and of the French Fort which are besieged. We order him not to go outside from the fortifications [ ...], to visit frequently the artillery stocks, which must be held safe from the enemy attacks. [ ...] We order him to keep this city and never to surrender. [...] He will never forget than an unappropriate behaviour would make him lose our esteem and incur very severe military rules which condemn to death any Commandant and his general staff who would give up the city [...]

3d May 1815


Some defects and folds. Some wetness marks at the back.

We are adding some other documents that belonged to the same officer.

Professional dealer. Certificate of Authenticity on request.

Getypte letter gesigneerd (TLS)
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Geschiedenis, Handschriften, Militaria, Politiek
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Napoleon Bonaparte
Original autograph signed cent jours
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