Piero Vettori - Petri Victorii Variarum lectionum libri XXV - 1553

Piero Vettori - Petri Victorii Variarum lectionum libri XXV - 1553
Filosofie, Verzamelwerken - Aantal: 1 - Anders - zie de beschrijving - Boek

Folio - Important first edition of Vettori's main work: "In 1553 he published the first 25 books of Variarum Lectionum, expanded by another thirteen in 1569 and republished in full in 1582" (Wikipedia).

Splendid Torrentino edition, characterized by opulent head- and tailpieces and large, very rich drop caps, of this commentary on Cicero in Latin with quotations in Greek by Vettori (1499-1585).
Man of letters, born in Florence in 1499 and died in 1585, philologist and professor of Greek and Latin, great humanist, commentator of Cicero and Aristotle, "the greatest Greek scholar of Italy, as certainly the show representative of classical scholarship in that country during the sixteenth century, which, for Italy at least, may well be called the Saeculum Victorianum ". "C'est dans ce livre qu'on imprima pour la premiére fois une ode d'Anacréon dont l'édition originale fut donnée l'année suivante ? Paris".
Only one copy registered in SBN. Adams V 687. Brunet 878-879. Sandys, 135 et seq.

Eighteenth-century half leather binding. Pp. (2); 28 nn. 410; 16 nn. (2). Crisp interior on thick and well-inked paper, sprayed edges, stains and an owner’s signature on the title page, large brand of Torrentino with the six balls of the Medici coat of arms within a rich architectural and floral frame.
A complete copy in condition.

Pier Vettori (Florence, 1499–1585) was an Italian writer, philologist and humanist.
He edited the editions of numerous ancient texts and dealt with various subjects, from agriculture to science, from rhetoric to moral philosophy, and sought texts in Florentine and Italian libraries to compare codices. His main interest remained, throughout his life, the study of ancient texts and especially Greek texts.
An opponent of the Medici, after the defeat of the republicans and the establishment of the duchy in 1530, he retired to San Casciano Val di Pesa, where he wrote the ‘Trattato delle lodi et della coltivazione de gli ulivi’, an important text of didactic prose. He was then pardoned and recalled to his homeland.

Full title:
Petri Victorii Variarum lectionum libri XXV
excudebat Laurentius Torrentinus, 1553

Aantal boeken
Filosofie, Verzamelwerken
Auteur/ Illustrator
Piero Vettori
Petri Victorii Variarum lectionum libri XXV
Publicatiejaar oudste item
Eerste druk
Grieks, Latijn, Tweetalig
Oorspronkelijke taal
excudebat Laurentius Torrentinus, 1553
Anders - zie de beschrijving
Aantal pagina‘s.
334×223 mm
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