Melchisédech Thevenot - Relations de divers voyages curieux, qui n'ont point esté publiées - 1664/1672

Melchisédech Thevenot - Relations de divers voyages curieux, qui n'ont point esté publiées - 1664/1672
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Relations de divers voyages curieux, qui n ‘ont point esté publiées, ou qui ont esté traduites d ‘Hacluyt, de Purchas, & d’ autres voyageurs Anglois, Hollandois, Portugais, Alemands, Espagnols; & de quelques Persans, Arabes, et autres Autheurs Orientaux. Enrichies de figures de Plantes non décrites, d ‘Animaux inconnus à l ‘Europe, & de Cartes Geographiques de Pays dont on n ‘a point encore donné de Cartes. First (- III) part.

Paris, Chez André Cramoisy, 1672[II: Jacques Langlois, 1664); III: André Cramoisy, 1672. Folio: 3 parts in one folio volume, period full vellum binding of (I) [8]-XXV-52-26-40 [pp. 17-40]-12-80-30 [= 28]-24-35-[1]-56 (1 to 52) pp.; (II) [12]-20-60-128-40-16-48-4-30 pp.; (III) [10]-(31/68)-27-[1]-216-12 pp.;

With 19 engravings 4 fold-out maps: - Colchis, Hindustan, Basra, Madagascar, 5 maps of the Indonesian archipelago, China, Mindanao, Japan, Route of the journey from Guangzhou to Beijing.
Melchisédec Thevenot (1620-1693) Récits de plusieurs voyages.. Among the travel collections, Thevenot occupies a distinguished place, being one of the most complete and richly produced; its range includes Africa, the Far East, Southeast Asia, America, among others. His description of Australia is undoubtedly one of the most important and primary sources of information about the island. The first three volumes deal mainly with the Middle and Far East, including China, Japan, the Philippines, Egypt, India / Mughal Empire, Africa, the East Indies, Australia, etc.
This first collection of large-scale French travels, widely read in the Enlightenment, reflects a popular interest not so much in France's growing imperial ambitions, but rather in the collection and comparison of exceptional information about foreign lands, a cosmographic precursor to imperialism, efforts of later times.
Melchisedech Thévenot (1620-1692) was a French diplomat, scientist and writer. He was a scholar with interests in mathematics, physics and medicine, acting as patron of several early scientific societies and contributing to the formation of the Académie des Sciences.
His early career included two missions to Italy in the 1640s and 1650s, and it was here that he first became interested in the study of Oriental languages. He published the first part of Relations de Divers Voyages in 1663, a work that earned him a reputation as one of the most influential travel compilers of the 17th century. He published a second and third part in 1666, a fourth in 1672, and a final fifth part was being assembled in 1692 when Thévenot died.
The collection is also of great American interest; it contains Palafox's study of the natives, Acarette du Biscay's account of La Plata, and Gage's account, which includes a large and abundantly illustrated passage on Mexico. Brunet V, 810-813; Landwehr (COV), 258; Sabin, 95333.

The title page of the first part is torn and crumpled, double plate of the pyramids (incomplete), two plates (mummies - crudely restored), map of Colchis (a lack at the bottom), portrait of Maani, in text engraving (ginseng), map of Hindustan, in text engraving of an entrenchment, in text engraving (Sultan), in text engraving, in text engraving (musc and pourceau-cerf), double plate (text in ancient Chaldean), Map of Basra, in text engraving (Dronte or Dod-aers), in text engraving, 2 fold-out coastal maps, map of Sumatra, in text engraving (Justice in Japan), in text engraving (Emperor's palace in Japan), out of text engraving (Torture in Japan), double plates of fruits in China, two out of text plates (animals and plants), out of text engraving (Chinese horseman), 2 out of text engravings (Chinese soldiers), double page out of text engraving (Chinese prisoners), out of text engraving (Chinese woman), out of text fold-out engraving (Chinese city), double page out of text engraving (Chinese port - in poor condition), out of text fold-out engraving (Chinese magazine).
Missing sections. Sold as is (see photos).
Note that the engravings and maps present are those indicated
in the description of the book.
Wrong paginations without lacks, in part III the pagination starts
from 31 to 68 (without lack).
Missing section 7/8 of Terri's journey.

Part I:

*Description des pyramides d'Egypte
*Relation des Cosaques
*Relation des Tartares
*Relation de la colchide ou Mengrellie
*Georgie (Pietro della Valle)
*Voyage d'Antoine Jenkinson
*Voyage des Hollandais
*Prise de l'Isle Formosa
*Relation de la cour du Mogol
*Mémoire de Thomas Rhoe auprès du Mogol
*Voyage de Edouard Terri aux Indes Orientales
*Partie en Grec
*Animaux et plantes des Indes
*Antiquités de Persepolis
*Relation des Royaumes de Golconda
*Journal de Rerre Will Floris
*Voyages de Bontekoe aux Indes Orientales
*La terre Austral découverte par Pelsart

Part II:

*Etat du commerce des Hollandais et des Portugais dans les Indes Orientales
*Carte de la navigation des Indes Orientales (Da Motta)
*Memoire du voyage aux Indes Orientales du General Beaulieu
*Relation des Isles Philippines (Hieronimo de Bavelas y Camilo)
*Relation de l'Empire du Japon (Lucas)
*Relation de la Chine (R. P. Michel Boym)

Part III:

*Voyage des ambassadeurs de la compagnie Hollandaise en la Chine
*Route des voyages des Hollandais à Pékin
*Description géographique de l'Empire de la Chine par le père Martin Martinius
*Rapport touchant l'état des affaires des Indes Orientales.

Aantal boeken
Auteur/ Illustrator
Melchisédech Thevenot
Relations de divers voyages curieux, qui n'ont point esté publiées
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André Cramoisy
Aantal pagina‘s.
34×23 cm
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