Diabolik - G. Montorio - illustrazione originale - firmata - Losbladig - (2021)

Diabolik - G. Montorio - illustrazione originale - firmata - Losbladig - (2021)
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Original illustration by Giorgio Montorio depicting Diabolik, Eva Kant, Ginko, Altea, and the legendary Jaguar.
Indian ink on cardboard.
Signed and dated personally by the master in full.
21 x 30 cm.
Signs of correction fluid.
Certificate of authenticity included.

Montorio’s style is unique and unmistakable: Diabolik and Eva Kant are depicted just as they appeared on the 1970s covers and comics, because this is the style of Montorio, historic illustrator of Diabolik for the Astorina publishing house, a style that has remained unchanged over time.

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Giorgio Montorio (Viadana, 25 July 1940) is an Italian cartoonist.
He started his career as a cartoonist in 1964 drawing the “Alboromanzo Vamp” series by the Astoria publishing house, which was followed by some stories for the horror magazine for the same publisher. Then he graphically created the character of Teddy Bob, protagonist of a series written by Pier Carpi and drawn mainly by him, which was successfully published from 1966 to 1972.
Then he collaborated with the publishing houses Universo, Edifumetto and Editoriale CEPIM, for which he drew comic stories for the series Mister No, Campus Girl, Hippy, Lucky and Vampyr. For the Nerbini publishing house in 1975 he created the series “Le Amazzoni”.
In 1976 he started to collaborate as an illustrator to the Diabolik series by the Astorina publishing house, where he remained until 1981. He also collaborated with other comic book publishers and historic Italian magazines such as Il Monello, Albo TV, Intrepido, SuperGulp!
In 1997 he resumed his collaboration with Astorina to draw the Diabolik series.

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G. Montorio - illustrazione originale - firmata
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Giorgio Montorio
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