VS - 1943 - Case Knives - Mes - MACHETE

VS - 1943 - Case Knives - Mes - MACHETE
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United States of America - 1943 - Case Knives - Machete
In very good condition.
Original item. In 1942, the United States Air Force adopted a folding machete to include in B-2 and B-4 rescue kits. This machete was designed to replace the Collins Model 18 machete, which occupied a large space in emergency kits.
Case, Camillus and Cattaraugus were the 3 manufacturers commissioned by the USAAF for the production of these folding machetes. This piece is marked on the blade with CASE XX, meaning that it was manufactured by W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. The "double X" is a symbol of Case's commitment to quality that can be traced back to its the early days, when blades were hardened and tested not only once (X), but twice (XX). It still has the blade cover, which was often lost. The locking mechanism works properly, and the machete folds as expected. The blade does not seem to have been sharpened, practically straight out of a factory.

Land van herkomst
Case Knives
Type wapen
Zeer goed
Loop/lemmet lengte
25 cm
Totale lengte
38 cm
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