Blaise Pascal - Pensées de M. Pascal sur la religion et sur quelques autres sujets... - 1686

Blaise Pascal - Pensées de M. Pascal sur la religion et sur quelques autres sujets... - 1686
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A rare early edition of Pascal's Pensées "augmentée de beaucoup de pensées" published by Desprez in 1686, the original having been published by the same publisher in 1670.

The copy opens with the life of the author, written by his sister Gilberte Perrier. The first edition to include La vie de Pascal is dated 1684: " It was indeed in 1684, twenty-two years after Pascal's death, almost fifteen years after the original edition of the Pensées, that “La Vie” was published for the first time, in Amsterdam, in a surreptitious Dutch edition, by Abraham Wolfgang. The text is very flawed, obviously published without Gilberte's participation. In 1686, the official publisher, Desprez, in turn incorporated the document, contenting himself with reproducing the Dutch edition by correcting
a few of the most obvious typos."

Following the Pensées one finds, with the same pagination and an independent title page, the two discourses attributed to Filleau de la Chaise: the Discours sur les Pensées and the Discours sur les preuves de Moyses; they are dated 1679 (following the copy printed in Paris).

The Pensées de Blaise Pascal, a mixture of reflections and reading notes, were compiled from papers found after his death. This posthumous work is mainly an apologetic, which is to say a defence of the Christian religion against sceptics and

"Pascal's apologetic project shows that Man, in his pride and clusters of concupiscence, can only find inner peace and true happiness in God. According to him, it is the broken relationship between Man and his Creator that produces in man the constant dissatisfaction with the life he leads and the desire to forget, through "entertainment", that he is mortal and in need of Grace. Pascal maintained that Man is simultaneously
misery and greatness, nothing and everything, limited yet aspiring to the infinite. His ability to think, his desire for the unlimited and his insatiable quest for happiness are the traces left in his soul by God, which he created in order to know and love him.

There was first an extremely rare edition known as the "pre-original" edition, published in the summer of 1669 by G. Desprez - of which only two copies are known at the BnF and the Médiathèque de l'agglomération de Troyes - [...] then the first edition of Port-Royal proper published in the first days of 1670 [...] A second edition in two print runs, without the errata, was in fact a second printing done in March 1670. (

Period brown full calfskin binding, ribbed spine adorned with gilded embossing in the compartments. Sound binding, friction from use, a missing fragment on the headcap, the leather of the covers is peeling on the borders, worn corners. Fresh inside, free of foxing. In fair condition.

Blaise Pascal

Pensées de M. Pascal sur la religion et sur quelques autres sujets, qui ont été trouvées après sa mort parmi ses papiers. Nouvelle édition augmentée de beaucoup de pensées, & de la Vie du même auteur.

Paris, chez Guillaume Desprez, 1686.

Small duodecimo of 47 pp. (1) 17 ff., (foreword) 6 ff. (approvals, table and introduction), 382 pp., 1 f.

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Filosofie, Religie
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Blaise Pascal
Pensées de M. Pascal sur la religion et sur quelques autres sujets...
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