C. Julii Caesaris / Hotomani - De bello Gallico commentarii VII - 1574

C. Julii Caesaris / Hotomani - De bello Gallico commentarii VII - 1574
Geschiedenis, Incunabelen en vroege drukken - Aantal: 1 - Ingeplakte plaatjes - Boek

Splendid sixteenth-century edition, large folio, of the works of Caesar.
Beautiful woodcut plates illustrating exotic animals, scenes of battles, fights, camps and fortifications, the construction of military structures.
With the comments of Aldus Manutius the Younger.

A genuine copy in excellent condition. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful editions of this classic of ancient historiography. Sought after above all for the large iconographic apparatus and for the exceptional dimensions for the 1500s.

The "Commentarii de bello Gallico" are made up of seven books, plus an eighth book, probably composed by Caesar's lieutenant, Aulus Irtius, to complete the account of the campaign and cover the period of time that separates the war of Gaul from the civil one: it is a work with a linear but pleasant style, with interesting ethnographic references on the populations encountered during the journey. To increase the objectivity of the work, Caesar uses the third person, although it is clearly a method to enhance his personal figure and to highlight it in the narration and in the events described.
In the second part, the glosses of François Hotman are collected.

Folio, full floppy parchment binding, titles handwritten on the spine, beautiful brand of Vincent Barthélemy, a saint holding in his hand the snake that bites its tail and tramples the Dragon, motto VINCENT. Pp. [16], 213, 3 blank, 173, [21]. With 11 woodcut illustrations in the text. Widespread browning. Ornate and woodcut headpieces and drop caps. Marelibrorum sold in 2016 - EUR 2,900.

Bellum Alexandrinum attributed to Aulus Hírcius and Gaius Julius Caesar, Bellum Africanum attributed to Aulus Hírcius, Gaius Julius Caesar, Gaius Oppius and Gaius Asinius Pollio and Bellum Hispaniense attributed to Aulus Hircius, Gaius Julius Caesar and Gaius Oppius.
In the second part are collected the glosses of François Hotman, humanist born in Paris on August 23, 1524 and died in Basel on February 12, 1590, a French jurist, writer and polemicist known for his involvement with Calvinism. During the wars of religion, he was charged with the recruiting of pro-Huguenot troops in Switzerland. In 1572, after the announcement of the massacres on St. Bartholomew’s Day, he fled from Bourges, where he lived, and settled in Geneva.

Full title and authors:
C. Julii Caesaris De bello Gallico commentarii VII. A. Hircii de eodem liber octauus. C. Caesaris De bello ciuili Pompeiano commentarii III. A. Hircii De bello Alexandrino lib. I. De bello Africano lib. I. De bello Hispaniensi lib. I. / cum scholiis Franc. Hotomani Iurisc., Ful. Vrsini Romani., Ald. Manutii P.F.
Lugduni : apud Bartholomaeum Vincentium, 1574
Caesar Gaius Julius
[François Hotman (Paris, 1524 - Basel, 1589), Fulvio Orsini (Rome, 1529 - Rome, 1600), Aldo Manuzio (the Younger) (1547 - 1597)]

Aantal boeken
Geschiedenis, Incunabelen en vroege drukken
Auteur/ Illustrator
C. Julii Caesaris / Hotomani
De bello Gallico commentarii VII
Publicatiejaar oudste item
Geïllustreerde druk
Oorspronkelijke taal
Lugduni : apud Bartholomaeum Vincentium, 1574
Ingeplakte plaatjes
Aantal pagina‘s.
329×234 mm
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