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Red Hot Chili Peppers - I'm Beside You Sessions Singles Collection - Diverse titels - 7" EP - Limited edition - 2012/2013

In 2012 and 2013, Red Hot Chili Peppers released the B-sides to their 2011 album "I'm With You". These were called the "I'm Beside You" singles. They were released on nine 7" singles that together form one work of art (by Kelsey Brookes).

All singles are in Mint condition. They have never been played and have always been well looked after. They are no longer packaged.

The search for all nine was not easy, so there are two versions mixed together: most are the European print, some are the American print.

1 - "Strange Man" / "Long Progression"
2012, US

2 - "Magpies On Fire" / "Victorian Machinery"
2012, Europe

3 - "Never is a Long Time" / "Love of Your Life"
2012, US

4 - "The Sunset Sleeps" / "Hometown Gypsy"
2012, Europe

5 - "Pink as Floyd" / "Your Eyes Girl"
2013, Europe

6 - "In Love Dying"
2013, Europe

7 - "Catch My Death" / "How It Ends"
2013, Europe

8 - "This is the Kitt" / "Brave from Afar"
2013, Europe

9 - "Hanalei" / "Open/Close"
2013, Europe

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Meer dan 3 artiesten/bands Nee
Artiest/band (max 3) Red Hot Chili Peppers
Meerdere titels Ja
Record titel I'm Beside You Sessions Singles Collection
Aantal items 9
Mediabron 7" EP
Land van uitgave Verschillende landen
Jaar van uitgave (oudste) 2012
Jaar van uitgave (jongste) 2013
Staat Mint (M)
Persing Limited edition
Platenlabel Warner Bros.
Platenlabel nummer various
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