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Hartmann Schedel / Michael Wolgemut/ Wilhelm Pleydenwurff - The Nuremberg Chronicle (Liber Chronicarum) - 1493

Original incunabulum leaf (Folium 145) from the Nuremberg Chronicle of Hartmann Schedel, the first Latin edition from 1493.

An incunabulum (cradle print) is a book printed in Europe before 1 January 1501, when the printing press was still in its infancy, and of which the text is set in movable type. They are now rarely seen on the market.

The Nuremberg Chronicle (Liber Chronicarum) by Hartmann Schedel is one of the most famous and best illustrated incunabula. The beautiful woodcuts were made by Michael Wohlgemut (1434/37-1519) and his stepson Wilhelm Pleydenwurff (1450-1494), a teacher of Albrecht Dürer. Dürer probably also contributed to the execution of many of the woodcuts for this incunabulum.

The recto side of folio CXLV show three different beautiful illustrations. The first illustration is of Justinian, a Roman emperor; he wears a crown, carries scepter and orb, and is clad in richly embroidered robes. Next, there is the illustration of the Fifth Ecumenical Council (Constantinople) and lastly we have Belisarius who is an esteemed councilor.

The verso side shows illustrations of Vigitis, king of Rome; Tottila, the last king of the Ostrogoths; Narses, a personal chamberlain of the emperor and lastly Patricius, a native of Britain, before he was ordained an archbishop of the Scots. He converted the entire island of Hibernia to Christ by his illustrious teachings over a period of 60 years.

This is not a facsimile edition, but an original leaf printed in the 15th century - so 530 years old!
Rare in colored version.

Dimensions: 43,6 x 30 cm

Very good condition.

Object Eén vel
Aantal boeken 1
Onderwerp Incunabelen en vroege drukken
Auteur/ Illustrator Hartmann Schedel / Michael Wolgemut/ Wilhelm Pleydenwurff
Boektitel The Nuremberg Chronicle (Liber Chronicarum)
Staat Goed
Publicatiejaar oudste item 1493
Druk Geïllustreerde druk
Taal Latijn
Oorspronkelijke taal Ja
Aantal pagina‘s. 1
Afmetingen 43,6×30 cm