Armbånd, 2 stk (2) - Sølv, Sølvlegering - Algeria - Første halvdel av 1900-tallet

Armbånd, 2 stk (2) - Sølv, Sølvlegering - Algeria - Første halvdel av 1900-tallet
Bra tilstand, se beskrivelse

Kabylian style bangle in silver and enamel.
Very nicely worked with floral embellishments and motifs resembling a palm tree.
Each motif is applied with silver bars and in the middle is coloured enamel.
The fineness of the silver is not known, it has also not been tested or hallmarked. The silver alloys in Morocco or Algeria vary somewhat, this jewellery is made by hand.
The bangles are sold as a set and have an internal diameter of about 64 mm. The wrist is a more narrow cut. The bangles are original, old silver pieces. I don’t exactly know from when, but probably from the first half of the 20th century or a little later.
Original bangles from Kabylia have become rare.

Kabylia is a very poor area in northern Algeria. The area is famous for its enamel art.
The use of enamel for the decoration of silver or metal jewellery dates back to ancient Persia and was already used in Byzantium in the 6th century. Since the 12th century, it was also used in Europe (at that time mainly,) Spain, and was brought to North Africa by Jewish artists. The peoples of Kabylia are related to the Tuareg and belong to the Berber ethnic group.

The total weight of both bangles is 125.6 grams. One is about 63, the other 62.6

Totalt antall enheter
Armbånd, 2 stk
Sølv, Sølvlegering
Første halvdel av 1900-tallet
Region/ Country of origin
Bra tilstand, se beskrivelse
66×66×25 mm
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