Eredya Clacquesin - French Rhum - b. 1950-tallet - 100cl

Eredya Clacquesin - French Rhum - b. 1950-tallet - 100cl
Rom - 42%

Nice older bottle of rhum or rum, 100cl, "Eredya" from producer Clacquesin, very reputated for their liqueur elaborated from pine sap or tarr.
Clacquesin were very active in the 1920's-1930's, ceased production in 1942.
After WWII they tried to re-start their business, but failed and disappeared.
This bottle has probably been produced in the 1950s. And the dust layer could very well be 70 years old!
I had to clean up a bit the bottle to determine what was marked on label, you have a picture of bottle before and after the little cleaning process.
Clacquesin quality - Grand aroma - Quality rum

The Eredya Claquesin rum from 1970's bottling is quite easy to find, this bottle is the only one ever seen, only of this kind?

Level is indicated with the ball pen - see pictures for condition. 42° 100cl 1,45kg 31,5 cm

Our bottles will ship with DHL or colissimo, depending on destination, can be shipped as collectible bottle - buyer will need to take care of possible duties and taxes upon reception

Type brennevin
Merke / destilleri
Navn / undertype
French Rhum
Volumet på etiketten
Periode for flasking
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