2017 Quinta do Noval Vintage Port - 6 Flasker (0,75 l)

2017 Quinta do Noval Vintage Port - 6 Flasker (0,75 l)
I original trekasse - Portvin - Tappeår: 2019 - Portugal

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James Suckling 97 punten

Alongside Symington Family Estates, the property has declared both the 2016 and 2017s as full-blooded vintage Ports, “perhaps among the best we’ll ever see,” according to managing director Christian Seely.

Seely said he considered the wines, “to be among the best I have known during my time at Quinta do Noval. The decision to declare them was a very easy one.

“As is well known, at Quinta do Noval, we do not hesitate to make small declarations of our Vintage Ports even in years which are not being generally declared, provided that the quality is excellent.

“But the 2017 is clearly an exceptional year which I believe will be remembered as one of the historic Vintage Port declarations of Quinta do Noval.

The wines are characterised by an exuberant ripeness, with remarkable aromatic intensity, profound fruit and strong velvety tannins. These are great, very seductive Vintage Ports, hugely enjoyable to taste now, but clearly with immense ageing potential. Perhaps among the best we will ever see.”

Årgang tappet over på flaske
Produsent, navn på vin
Quinta do Noval
Vintage Port
Antall flasker
Flasker (0,75 l)
I original trekasse
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