Trust & Safety
At Catawiki, your trust is extremely important to us. For this reason, we strive to provide you with the most secure and reliable platform possible for buying unique and special objects online. Here are a few of the ways in which we are able to provide a safe and secure experience for bidders.
Team of in-house experts
Our team of experts carefully select and verify the special objects that are put up for auction on Catawiki. This is to ensure their authenticity and to guarantee you’re bidding on items that you can’t buy in just any store.
Verified sellers & account safety
Each of our sellers has their own seller page, where you can read reviews about them from previous buyers. For high value lots, we ask sellers to go through an extra verification step. This is in order to prevent any fraudulent lots on our platform. In addition, we have our own team of scam and fraud prevention specialists at Catawiki. Their job is to detect any suspicious activity and to solve any issues that may arise or prevent them from happening altogether.
Protected payments
All payments on Catawiki go through our payment provider, Stripe, one of the most reputable and trusted payment providers in the world. Once you pay for a lot, your payment is held onto until the seller confirms to have shipped the lot or made it ready for pickup. This ensures your payment is protected at all times. Once you have paid for a lot, you can contact the seller directly via your Catawiki 'Order details' page. If you have any queries regarding the delivery status of your order, or if you require further information about shipping, please contact the seller directly.
Dedicated Customer Support team
Our experienced, international Customer Support teams are on hand to assist you in any way possible. If anything goes wrong, you’ll be attended to personally by one of our agents. We have English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese speaking agents.
Additional costs
To be as transparent as possible, we’d like to highlight the additional costs when buying on Catawiki. The total cost of your won lot is comprised of three elements: winning bid + shipping costs + auction fee (9% of the winning bid). Shipping costs are defined by the seller and are not applicable if you choose to pick up your lot. The 9% auction fee is used to provide you with a safe and reliable platform, where every lot up for auction has been approved and reviewed by our experts.
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