Exclusive Selection
7-9 May 2021

The Exclusive Selection offers truly remarkable objects selected by our experts for their rarity, quality or unique story.

This three day special event features dedicated auctions across our Catawiki categories. These auctions represent our experts’ tireless commitment to special objects of the highest quality, with only the most exclusive and exceptional objects accepted for auction.

Exclusive Selection auctions close 7th, 8th and 9th of May.

Day 1: Auctions closing Friday 7 May

Bid on Exclusive Selection auctions for Interiors, Sports (Ferrari) and Fashion.

Bid on the Exclusive Selection


Explore the Exclusive Selection auctions and discover something truly special in a range of Catawiki categories.


Exclusive Selection auctions end 7-9 May. Sign up for free then place the winning bid on your favourite objects.


Congratulations! Pay via our secure payment system and the seller will ship your exclusive object to you.

Day 2: Auctions closing Saturday 8 May

Bid on Exclusive Selection auctions for Design, Comics (Herge/Tintin), Watches and Motorcycles.

Day 3: Auctions closing Sunday 9 May

Bid on Exclusive Selection auctions for Modern art, Ancient coins, Modern jewellery and Classic cars.

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