Alessandro Piano - Alter Ego Oscar Gold - SCULPTURE - LEGO AlePianoArt

Alessandro Piano - Alter Ego Oscar Gold - SCULPTURE - LEGO AlePianoArt
Malowana żywica - z odręcznym podpisem - X / 200 - 2020

I have been in love with these famous bricks since I was a child and today I realise how immortal they are. Their beauty also lies in the fact that they manage to make other 1980s toys immortal. That’s the purpose of my work. This is the stimulus that led me to create my “Alter Ego” works with toys from the 1980s. I wish I could make everyone jump back in time and see our old toys in a different and almost immortal way. From this starting point I also carried out new experiments with new inclusions.

These are the words with which Alessandro Piano describes his work.

The step immediately after the creation of #AlterEgoSculpture resin works was photography and the creation of prints on PET (#AlterEgoPrint works, and #AlterEgoArtPrint works).

Finally, the latest creation at auction. An Alter Ego Oscar Red. A resin sculpture, signed and numbered with limited edition.

Sculpture made in a limited edition. Signed and numbered with engraving on resin.

Shipped in a custom-made box, stamped with the artist’s logo.

The work will be supplied with certificate of authenticity.


The only one, the original, beware of imitations.


Alessandro Piano is an emerging Italian artist who already has international customers (America - Europe - Asia).

Past and present collaborations:

Guidi&Schoen - Genoa (Italy)
Cella Art&Communication - Santa Margherita Ligure (Italy)
WikiArte - Bologna (Italy)
Via Garibaldi 12 (Interior Design) - Genoa (Italy)
GO Gallery - Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
NL-Galerie - Salzburg (Austria)
Collezionando Gallery - Rome (Italy)
JP Art Gallery - Cannes (France)

International fairs:

ArteGenova20 - Genoa (Italy)
Grugliasco Fest Mattoncini in Festa - Grugliasco (Italy)
Art3F - Monaco (Monaco)
Munstergasse Art Weekend Collective Exhibition - Zurich (Switzerland)
Art International - Contemporary Art Fair Collective Exhibition - Zurich (Switzerland)
Affordable Art Fair Collective Exhibition - Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Alessandro Piano
Tytuł dzieła sztuki
Alter Ego Oscar Gold - SCULPTURE - LEGO AlePianoArt
Malowana żywica
z odręcznym podpisem
X / 200
w idealnym stanie
Całkowite wymiary
25×16×8 cm
1 kg
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