American Steampunk Chess - 34 cm wysokości - górna część - Gips

American Steampunk Chess - 34 cm wysokości - górna część - Gips
USA - Druga połowa XX wieku

This beautiful chess game is a uniquely large steampunk style chess game. The pieces are exceptionally high, with a king's height of 34 cm and this makes it a sought-after piece for collectors. It is a hand-painted chess game manufactured by an American artist and it is most likely a unique specimen. The chess game was purchased in the U.S. and brought to Europe from there.

The chess pieces are in very good condition, please see the many detailed photos. Each chess piece is truly an artwork in itself. The two ladies do miss a sphere on their crown, however. Presumably the material is plaster. The chessboard is only shown for illustrative purposes and is not part of the lot. A chessboard with fields of at least 7 cm is recommended.

The King's height is no less than 34 cm, see photo with can as reference.

Packed with great care. Shipping will be registered with additional insurance.

Szczegóły przedmiotu
American Steampunk Chess - 34 cm wysokości - górna część
Szacowany okres
Druga połowa XX wieku
Kraj pochodzenia
Stan dobry - przedmiot używany, z niewielkimi oznakami wieku
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