Laura Corre - Palazzo cubano- L'Havana

Laura Corre - Palazzo cubano- L'Havana
obraz olejny na płótnie - z odręcznym podpisem - 2018

This work was selected for the international painting exhibition at Palazzo Primavera in Terni in 2018. It’s part of the “Street scene paintings” series: the artist, inspired by a trip to Cuba, wanted to depict here the beauty of life imprinted on a building in decay in Havana. Basing herself on a photo of the building and faithfully painting a daily street scene in detail, she celebrated that unintentional, unexpected and epiphanic beauty that fills life. The beauty of this building in decay, with the typical architecture and colours of the capital. Life that has left its marks on the facade of the run-down building, the balconies with supports, hung clothes symbolising a human presence inside what appear to be empty rooms, a person walking away.
Laura Corre lives and works in Tuscany. Her works are part of public collections (including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montecatini Terme) and private collections in Italy and abroad; in 2017 she won the 2nd prize in the international competition in Terni; her illustrations were used as book covers and posters. Her paintings were displayed in many exhibitions throughout Europe.

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Laura Corre
Tytuł dzieła
Palazzo cubano- L'Havana
obraz olejny na płótnie
z odręcznym podpisem
w idealnym stanie
Całkowite wymiary
80×5×80 cm
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