Titone, Oz (Orcio) - Oliwa z oliwek z pierwszego tłoczenia - 1 - 250ml

Titone, Oz (Orcio) - Oliwa z oliwek z pierwszego tłoczenia - 1 - 250ml
Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva - Sycylia - Włochy

Lot of a 250-ml bottle of extra virgin olive oil Organic D.O.P. Valli Trapanesi, produced by Azienda Agricola Titone, and a service jug made by OZ Creatures.

A 250-ml bottle of extra virgin olive oil Titone Biologico D.O.P. Valli Trapanesi, one of the best oils produced in the world, Sicily - Italy.
Cultivar: Cerasuola - 95% Nocellara del Belice, 5% Biancolilla.
Number of olive trees: 6000
Olive growing method: umbrella in irrigation
Production area: Trapani - Via Piro, 68 - Locogrande
Altitude: 15 m above sea level
Total surface: 19 hectares
Harvest time: first week of October, end of October
Harvesting method: manual and differentiated for each variety.
Average production: 5000-6000 litres of oil Titone D.O.P. "Valli Trapanesi”.
Olive mill: the olives, within 6 hours of harvesting, are processed in the company’s continuous-cycle mill (2 and a half phases), equipped with tooth disc mill machine and nitrogen plants to work in the absence of oxygen.
Certifications: all phases of organic production are controlled and certified in accordance with the Reg. CE 834/2007 and Reg. CE 889/2008, the company follows the USDA-NOP standards applied in the USA, CCPB verifier body in Bologna; it complies with ECC Regulation 510/2006 and the Certification Control Plan approved by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. ‘Valli Trapanesi D.O.P’ controlled by C.C.I.A.A. of Trapani; compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards: 2008, CSQA verifier.
Colour: green with gold yellow reflections
Bouquet: intense notes of walnut husk, green tomato, thistle, pepper, brackish notes.
Taste: elegant with bitter and spicy in superb balance.
Pairings: tuna tartare with herbs, orange salad, macco di fave (fava bean purée), mackerel fillet.

A stoneware service jug accompanies one of the best extra virgin olive oils produced in the world, a unique object, of great value and design, such as the one created specifically for the occasion by OZ CREATURES, Venice - Italy.
The jug is completely handcrafted. They start from the base material of the stoneware, they create the shape and, while the object is still moist, they paint it with the ancient engobbio technique and with particular tools, scratching the colour to "get out" the contrasting design.
Once dry, it undergoes a first cooking at a temperature of approx. 900°C, to be then covered with a transparent enamel that makes the design stand out and makes it more or less brilliant. Then follows a second final cooking at 1250°C.
All colours and enamels are suitable for food use.
The small imperfections are an indication of a totally artisanal processing that makes each object unique and unrepeatable.
Wash by hand is recommended.
Height: 17 cm.
Base diameter: 10 cm
Capacity: 400 ml.

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Liczba butelek
Rodzaj oliwy/octu
Oliwa z oliwek z pierwszego tłoczenia
Nazwa producenta
Titone, Oz (Orcio)
Chroniona nazwa pochodzenia (CHNP)
Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva
Stan butelki
Oryginalne opakowanie
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