Jone Hopper - Pomme d'amour

Jone Hopper - Pomme d'amour
Technika mieszana - z odręcznym podpisem

Jone Hopper is a French street artist born in 1977.
In the late 1980s, he learned the ropes in the streets through the emerging movement at that time: graffiti. He tagged his name in the streets, on walls, and on trains. Known for his spray-painted characters and tags, he created the TBS collective (The Brutal Style) with Skepa and other committed graffiti artists. We do not know that much about this artist as he remains faithful to the graffiti spirit and wishes to remain anonymous, believing that it is the work that should be promoted, not the person. Absent from social media, never attending exhibition openings, he is an artist without a face, remaining a true enigma, except to a few gallery owners in the know. He compares his painting to a Hip Hop tune, he acts like a sampler... sampling, cutting, assembling, thereby creating new images.

- Mixed media: spray paint, pastel, and acrylic on canvas
- Certificate of authenticity included

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Jone Hopper
Tytuł dzieła
Pomme d'amour
Technika mieszana
z odręcznym podpisem
Całkowite wymiary
81×3×65 cm
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