Diament - 0.31 ct - okrągły - D (bezbarwny) - VS2 (z bardzo nieznacznymi inkluzjami)

Diament - 0.31 ct - okrągły - D (bezbarwny) - VS2 (z bardzo nieznacznymi inkluzjami)

Natural Top quality Round natural Diamond with IGI cert
Shape : Round
Carat : 0.31
Color : D
Clarity : VS2

Cut Grade : Excellent
Polish : Excellent
Symmetry : Very Good
Fluorescence : None
4.33 - 4.36 x 2.67 mm


Import duties, taxes and VAT are not included in the item price.

VAT and customs clearance will be paid to FedEx by the customer.

* French customers, shipping costs already includes an external customs broker agent to import loose Diamonds to France.

The import process is very simple as the shipping company does the entire import procedure, with the exception of France - Due to the country regulations, the customs clearance must take place with customs broker so please be aware that shipping time can be 4-7 business days.
All the customer has to do is pay the VAT.

All our Diamonds are 100% insured.
All shipments are with the most reliable companies- FedEx/DHL according to the item, country and amount.

In Switzerland the VAT is only 7%.
In Hong Kong and the USA the VAT is 0%.

Why buy from us
• We have been successfully online for over 23 years. The company is owned by a diamond manufacture which was founded over 57 years ago and is a respected leader in the Israeli diamond industry. We are diamond manufacturers and professional jewelers with an excellent reputation in the diamond business. We are active members of the following professional associations:

The Israel Diamond Exchange
The World Federation of Diamond Bourses
The Israel Diamond Manufacturer's Association
The Diamond Cutters Association
The Colored Stones Federation

In our business a handshake is often as good as a written contract. Integrity is critical. We wouldn't risk our reputation by selling you anything that was not the very best quality for the price.

• All our stock is top end quality stones. We know how important sparkle is and we check each and every diamond to ensure that it sparkles beautifully. Of course, the sparkle-factor depends on each diamond's own unique characteristics, including cut, symmetry, table depth etc.
• While buying more than 1 diamond from us in the same auction, we will ship it together and you will save shipping costs.

With the stone you won, you will get
• The original certificate
• In GIA Cert the stone will include a laser inscription
• In IGI certs the stone will be SEALED
• Our Appraisal- The appraisal price is the value for insurance purposes. This is the amount you would expect to receive from your insurance company

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Masa całkowita w karatach
Kształt/ szlif
Biały kolor
D (bezbarwny)
VS2 (z bardzo nieznacznymi inkluzjami)
Natural (untreated)
Grawerowane laserem
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