World’s most expensive Lego set goes up for auction

Europe’s fastest growing online auction house, Catawiki is offering Star Wars fans the chance to bid on one of the biggest LEGO sets ever made - the Millennium Falcon. Unopened and still in mint condition, this extremely unique auction piece is set to sell between £3,000 and £4,000. For those who think that £3,000 is a high-price to pay for plastic should know that experts have suggested LEGO can be a better investment than shares or gold with average prices of LEGO sets increasing 12% every year since 2000*. And the Millennium Falcon is no different. Soaring in price from £340 from when it was first for sale in 2007, to a valuation of over £3,000 in 2016 shows a staggering 780% increase in value! Billed at the time of sale in 2007 as the ‘ultimate collector’s edition’, the recent release of ‘Episode VIII: The Force Awakens’ has rekindled the nation’s love for the sci-fi classic and helped to keep Star Wars memorabilia such as this an ‘out of this world’ commodity. Gerben van Ijken, Catawiki’s specialist LEGO auctioneer, comments, “This particular set is a collector’s dream as the 2007 Millennium Falcon is not only one of the most spectacular pieces ever made by LEGO but also one of the most sought after. To find one that is still in a mint condition, unopened box is incredibly rare and makes this lot particularly special. We expect to see a flurry of bids when this goes to auction.” The auction will run from the 19th to the 26th February 2016 at