72 million-year-old fossil goes up for auction!

Deposited in marine sediments during the Campanian Age, which occurred between 83.6 million to 72.1 million years ago, this fossil was discovered in southwest Alberta, Canada in the Bearpaw Shales, a geological formation where remains of dinosaurs have also been found. The iridescent surface of this fossil is created from the interference between light waves traveling through layers of thin crystals. The thickness of the individual crystals determines the colours seen, with thicker crystals giving a red colour and thinnest ones creating purple. This fossil’s colours shift in the light from various shades of green, turquoise, red, orange and yellow. Wilm van Stormbroek, archaeological finds and remains auctioneer at Catawiki said, “To own something that is millions of years old is an exciting and wonderful opportunity. Fossils such as this are highly prized and very hard to come by. With the size, quality and eye-catching look of the fossil taken into account we think that this particular lot could easily surpass £20,000 at auction.” The auction will run until the 18th March 2016 at: http://auction.catawiki.co.uk/kavels/4918803-ammolite-ammonite-fossil-placenticeras-meeki-20-cm-x-14-5-cm

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