The world's smallest books go up for auction

The books measure in at a miniscule 0.5 x 0.5 cm, so small they can all be placed along the ridge of your finger. They showcase incredible craftsmanship and are individually bound in genuine leather. The complete series of books, which were produced in the 1960s, are all in good condition and still in their original boxes. This unique lot is intricately designed and offers antique book enthusiasts a chance to own a highly sought after collection. In one of the books the phrase ‘I love you’ can be read in seven different languages, and whilst the books do have a story to tell the real draw of this lot is the exceptional artistry. Kurt Salchi, Catawiki’s specialist book auctioneer, comments, “This rare collection is a magnificent show of craftsmanship and undeniably intriguing. I’ve not seen anything quite like this in my career and with the books being so unique and ingeniously made we expect to see a real interest from across the globe.” The auction will run until the 22nd April 2016 at:

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Lars van den Heuvel
Press officer