Goodbye London tube, hello Vespa - specialist Vespa auction on Catawiki to celebrate its 70th year

Vespa is 70 years old this year. As timeless today as it was when it first graced Italy’s cobbled streets, the design classic has seen the ultimate revival.

With an annual zone 1 – 4 travel card now setting you back in excess of £1,860 and average daily commutes getting slower, you could be zipping through the streets ‘Roman Holiday’ style in just the click of a button as a unique collection of Vespas has been released on online auction platform Catawiki in celebration of the 70th anniversary. Ditch the train and tube and channel your inner Gregory Peck / Audrey Hepburn and invest in one of Vespas all-time classics at a fraction of the price of an annual season ticket.  

There’s never been a better time to invest in a new ride. And why not celebrate cutting-edge design and commuting convenience while you’re at it? Catawiki – which helps people find extraordinary objects – is this week making available some of the most unique and stunningly beautiful Vespas that every man (and woman) should be zipping around town on.

The Vespa themed auction is live now, ending on Monday 23rd May 2016 with Vespas starting at around £500. Find yours here.

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Lars van den Heuvel
Press officer