‘Anyone can be a princess’ - find an exclusive collection of tiaras and accessories on Catawiki to celebrate International Tiara Day

However, if you are missing some sparkles from your life, Catawiki, Europe's fastest-growing online auction house, is here to save the day with unique and timeless princess and Disney related items. You can even get yourself an exclusive, antique Barbie from designer Rob Mackie!  

Catawiki is an online auction platform, offering something unique and special for everyone, hosting weekly auctions in over 80 categories, from modern art to classic cars, watches, jewellery and antiques, all curated by trusted experts. You can be sure that you’re getting rare items with a real sense of tradition and history.

Could this perhaps inspire a Top 10 Disney accessories piece or could we connect you with an expert jewellery auctioneer from Catawiki who could explain why tiaras have a timeless appeal, and give top tips for bagging yourself a unique princess or Disney item?

All items are available to see here: http://auction.catawiki.com/kavels/5835877-barbie-empress-bride-by-designer-bob-mackie and http://auction.catawiki.com/disney

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Lars van den Heuvel
Press officer