Alfa Romeo - GTV 2.0 V6 Turbo Cup Replica - 1995

Alfa Romeo - GTV 2.0 V6 Turbo Cup Replica - 1995
Localizado em: Itália - com um registo italiano - 100000 km - 2 - Muito bom estado: sinais mínimos de uso

*Registration: 10/1995.
*Interior: Racing set-up.

In the second half of the 1970s, road rallies had a large following, even in the smaller rallies, and a victory in a race was often as highly regarded as a triumph on the track in the Touring Car Championships. At the time, the car that immediately showed great potential for Alfa Romeo was the Alfetta GT, so it was natural to think of it as a car that could in the World Rally Championship.

The Alfetta GTV 2000L was launched in 1978 and had a power output of just 130hp, so Autodelta's engineers resorted to a turbocharger to increase its performance, a solution that was not very popular in the late 1970s with designers of the Arese company, who were focused on reducing fuel consumption.

Of this ‘limited’ version, some were transformed by Autodelta into Group 4 to officially compete in the Rally Championship, while another small group was used as an ‘experimental car’ to test its efficiency or to research new technical solutions that would later be applied in racing.
The result was a powerful, fast and agile car, with a vigorous pickup from 1500 rpm, while around 3000 rpm the turbocharger kicked in, giving the driver great thrills.

This GTV 2.0i V6 - Turbo Cup livery.

The following extraordinary maintenance work was carried out on the car:
- Timing
- Steering box replacement
- Turbo service
- Gearbox maintenance

The following changes have been carried out for the creation of the Replica version:

- Increased intercooler
- Direct air filter
- Control unit mapping
- Set-up
- Strut bar
- Upgrade of front braking system with installation of Brembo 4-pump callipers + crafted spindles adjustment kit + replacement of front brake discs with installation of original 3.0 V6 discs
- Direct exhaust system with metallic racing cat. and racing silencer
- Complete lightening of the interior with installation of a pair of OMP seats and racing belts
- Graphic kit of single-brand Cup championship livery replica
- Tyre racing treading
- Adjustable spoiler
- OMP ‘chalice’ steering wheel
- Racing side windows with sliding opening.

Italian documents in order.
Please check if the vehicle can be registered in your country.

It can be home delivered throughout Italy and abroad.

For non-Italian buyers: there are some additional costs (€270) for the mandatory inspection, as required by law since 01/01/2020, and for deregistration of the Italian number plates.
Any extra costs shall be borne by the buyer.

The car is located in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Detalhes do lote
Alfa Romeo
Tipo de modelo
GTV 2.0 V6 Turbo Cup Replica
Localizado em
Estilo de carroçaria
Leitura do conta-quilómetros
100000 km
Papéis do registo
com um registo italiano
Vermelho metálico com pintura Turbo Cup
Cavalos de potência
Números coincidentes
Cores coincidentes
Livro de manutenção/histórico
Inspeção válida
Data limite da inspeção
January 31, 2022
Número do chassi
Estado (Pintura e Carroçaria)
2 - Very Good: minor chips or scratches, minor conventional body and paintwork
Estado (Interior)
2 - Very Good: clean, showing minimal wear. May require replacement of minor missing or broken parts
Estado (Estrutura e Carroçaria Inferior)
2 - Very Good: frame/structure is in a well preserved condition, minor signs of usage/wear
Estado (Mecânica)
2 - Muito bom: bom a nível mecânico, pode precisar de uma ligeira manutenção.
Estado (Geral)
2 - Muito bom estado: sinais mínimos de uso
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