Kubota + Tamanohikari - Junmai Daiginjō - 1x 750ml 2x 500ml - 3

Kubota + Tamanohikari - Junmai Daiginjō - 1x 750ml 2x 500ml - 3
Nihonshudo Yes, 2x - 15%

A really refined aroma and elegant taste. Clear, light and dry, with the taste quickly disappearing from the mouth. Matured for a longer period to the peak of maturity before bottling. The very rare and most sought after Dai Ginjyo in Japan. Consistently rated number one by Sake connoisseurs and owners of fine dining restaurants.
3x Junmai dainginjo sake (1x Kubota + 2x Tamanohikari)

Regio: Niigata Manju Junmai daiginjo - 720ml
Brewery: Asahi Shuzo Co.
Value on sake scale: + 2
Alcohol: 15.5
Serve with: Starters, lightly flavoured vegetables, shellfish, sushi and all kinds of sashimi.
Flavour profile: honeysuckle and tuberose aroma with aromas of Fuji apples and spiced sour pear.

Best served in a wine glass at 10C

Tamanohikari Bizen Omchi - 500ml

This is made with 100% Omachi rice so you can feel the full character of Omachi. This sake has a powerful and rich taste and a wonderful aroma. It has a slightly dry and clear taste, with a fruity aroma and a deep flavour. The sake goes well with Japanese sushi and tempura, but also with French and Italian dishes based on fish.

Alcohol%: 16.0%
Sake Meter Value: +3.5 (dry)
Acid: 1.7
Amino acid: 0.9
Drinking style: room temperature
Rice polishing ratio: 50%
Rice used: Bizen Omachi

Best served in a wine glass at 10C

Will be sent by a parcel by PostNL.

Detalhes do lote
Kubota + Tamanohikari
Tipo de saqué.
Junmai Daiginjō
Volume no rótulo.
1x 750ml 2x 500ml
Número de garrafas (mais de 1).
Período de engarrafamento.
De 2000 até hoje
Yes, 2x
Percentagem de álcool.
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