Jan Weenix (1640-1719) - Jachttafereel

Jan Weenix (1640-1719) - Jachttafereel
Óleo sobre tela - Não assinado

This work is undoubtedly attributed by a recognised appraiser to Jan Weenix, a Dutch painter, draughtsman and decorative painter, known as one of the best and most productive still life painters. Like his father, Jan Baptist Weenix, he devoted himself to a multitude of subjects, but his fame is based on his paintings of dead game and hunting scenes. This is a special piece. Striking is the swan that is part of the hunting yield. Swans were only allowed to be hunted by the nobility. So this was a hunt with nobles.

Detalhes do lote
Pintura / Quadro
Jan Weenix (1640-1719)
Título da obra de arte
1700 e anterior
Óleo sobre tela
Não assinado
Bom estado
Dimensões totais
45×5×61 cm
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