Leica III B body

Leica III B body
Câmera rangefinder - Bom

The Leica III B is the first screw Leica in which rangefinder and viewfinder ocular are positioned side by side. That made it the precursor of the later Leica screw cameras. The III B is the last model with "short body" and is not offered very often.

The offered camera with serial number 350901 dates from 1940 and is one of the last III B cameras produced. The camera is in excellent technical condition. Well-running shutter with beautiful cloth. Accurate, high-contrast rangefinder.

The appearance is still neat after 80 years. No dents. Normal traces of use on the chrome (see photos). Vulcanite complete and unbroken.

Detalhes do lote
Modelo/Tipo n.º
III B body
Tipo de objeto/dispositivo
Câmera rangefinder
Testado e a funcionar.
Tested and working
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