Jacques Tronchet (1923 - 2006) - Nature Morte , scène de chasse

Jacques Tronchet (1923 - 2006) - Nature Morte , scène de chasse
Ulei pe pânză - Semnat de mână

Jacques Tronchet (1923-2006)

Still life, hunting scene
Oil on canvas

J. Tronchet

Painting size: 50 x 65 cm

Beautiful still life with hunting scene.
Shotgun, two woodcocks and a wine jug.

Beautiful details and warm play of colours.
In excellent condition!

circa 1975

Jacques Tronchet was born on October 30th, 1923 on the Rue Saint Jacques in Tonneins (southwest France, Lot-et-Garonne) and died on March 6, 2006 in the same city.
He was the son of Georges Tronchet and Catherine-Lucienne Braquet.

Jacques Tronchet studied at the Lycée Bernard Palissy in Agen. It was during these years that this brooding artist joined the resistance very early on.
He was arrested by the Gestapo in Toulouse on December 2nd, 1943 and transferred to the Saint-Michel prison in the same city.

Jacques Tronchet was deported to Buchenwald camp, number 43,532, where he spent more than 18 months, to be released at the end of the war.

When his family, and especially his sister, came to welcome him at the Tonneins train station, they found a young man who had been greatly weakened by those terrible years, who arrived weighing no more than 40 kg.

Jacques Tronchet had been destined for a career in architecture, but life decided otherwise.
Indeed, all those war years ruined his youth, but also his professional career, so it was only natural that he returned to the family business and worked alongside his father for several decades.

On July 26th, 1950 he married Ms. Jeanne-Henriette Laporte in Marmande.

Since his earliest childhood, Jacques Tronchet had been passionate about painting and art in all its forms, recalls his sister Mrs. Ginette-Marie Bernard: “... At the age of five or six he built cardboard cities. He drew, and this love for painting would never leave him… ”

He painted a large number of paintings in which we find still lifes, the market place of the Château in Tonneins, the quays, the countryside, Saint Germain, etc. But he will also depict views of the town of Cap Ferret and Saissac in Aude.

Will be packaged with the utmost care and shipped with insurance by Colissimo registered post.

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Detaliile lotului
Jacques Tronchet (1923 - 2006)
Titlu operei de artă
Nature Morte , scène de chasse
Ulei pe pânză
Semnat de mână
Dimensiuni totale
66×45×0 cm
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