Esteban Grunwald Alsge (1906 - 1960) - Jarron con Tulipanes

Esteban Grunwald Alsge (1906 - 1960) - Jarron con Tulipanes
Ulei pe pânză - Semnat de mână

Magnificent painting by G. Esteban painted in oil on canvas with a very high expressive and pictorial quality.
Painting made in an expressionist technique where the colour and the pictorial form as well as the freedom of the brushstroke, the colour and the filling represent a painting totally ascribed to his personal style, very free both in the themes and in the way of developing them.
Painting that is preserved in a perfect condition and perfectly framed see photographs of the photographic description
Painting from my private collection that I put on sale for the first time.
The painting will be sent fully protected by transport agency, surcharges on customs billing may be applied due to circumstances

Detaliile lotului
Esteban Grunwald Alsge (1906 - 1960)
Titlu operei de artă
Jarron con Tulipanes
Ulei pe pânză
Semnat de mână
Dimensiuni totale
67×7×77 cm
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