Nikka Gold & Gold Samurai - 750 ml

Nikka Gold & Gold Samurai - 750 ml
Whisky amestecat, Whisky japonez - 43%

43% ABV / 750ML

This blended whisky from Nikka comes with a set of fantastic Samurai helmet and armor, and was released to praise the magnificence of Osaka Castle and the spirit of Samurai. Samurai is another word to describe a loyal and courageous warrior of the medieval and early-modern Japan. The definition of "Samurai" in Chinese is to wait upon and to accompany person which means to serve.
Gold & Gold has been one of the mainstays of Nikka's range of blended whiskies since its launch in 1968.

This lot contains a as new Nikka Gold& Gold Samurai.

***If the winning bidder decides to cancel/withdraw, they will bear risk, cost of all shipping and return import duties of seller.***

***Please be aware that this lot is shipped from Taiwan; therefore, possible import duty might be applied by your local customs.***

***Do not accept return shipping cost and we do not ship within Taiwan! ***


Detaliile lotului
Mixed lot
Whisky amestecat, Whisky japonez
Distillery/ brand
Gold & Gold Samurai
Volumul de pe Etichetă
750 ml
Original packaging
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