Bonsai măslin (Olea europaea) - 32×30 cm - Spania

Bonsai măslin (Olea europaea) - 32×30 cm - Spania
Ani: 100 - Formal upright (chokkan) - Ghiveci: 8×25×18 cm

Spectacular yamadori of Olea europaea sylvestris centenary of Mallorca. The olive trees of Mallorca are one of the most valued species in bonsai due to their buttoned bark, incredible movements of the trunks and their especially small leaf.

The wild olive trees of Mallorca can be grown well in most climates and more if they are in an advanced state of formation as is the case. You simply have to protect it from snowfall and frost of several days.

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Detaliile lotului
Specii de arbori
Bonsai măslin (Olea europaea)
Stilul de creștere
Formal upright (chokkan)
Vârsta estimată (în ani)
Dimensiuni arbore (fără ghiveci)
32×30 cm
Lățimea trunchiului
17 cm
Originea copacilor
Dimensiunile ghiveciului
8×25×18 cm
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