Ușă (2) - Lemn și os de bivol - India - secolul al XIX-lea

Ușă (2) - Lemn și os de bivol - India - secolul al XIX-lea
Fair condition, see description

These sensational doors are originally from the 'Palace of Gaekwads of Baroda'. This palace was built in 1818 and these are the 2 entrance gates of the palace. They are handmade 'sheeshim' wooden doors, inlaid with white buffalo bone. The hinges are extra reinforced to support the heavy weight of the doors.. The sheer size of the doors makes them particularly unique. They are the doors of the main gate for the royal family to the palace and they are large enough to allow two elephants to enter the palace side by side.
The doors were purchased in 1971 by Peterson Conway VII, as a 'centerpiece' of his Indian collection. Export to the United States was done with the approval of the then Secretary of the Interior. With registration number 392210.

Detaliile lotului
Lemn și os de bivol
secolul al XIX-lea
Fair condition, see description
315×140×18 cm
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