Hero Stone / Stela - Granit - Asia - Secolele XVI / XVIII

Hero Stone / Stela - Granit - Asia - Secolele XVI / XVIII
Good condition, see description

Magnificent hero stone, in granite, originating from India, dating from the 16th - 18th centuries.
Extremely well preserved, this hero stone features the expected signs of its age and use.
This was used to bury in the ground, commemorating a hero memoire in a battle.
Massive and heavy piece handcarved in Ancient India.
A stela is an old vertical ston. The word “stela” entered the common use of architecture and archeology to designate individual stone objects, that is, monolithic, in which relief sculptures or texts were made.
A hero stone is a memorial commemorating a honorable death of a hero in a battle. It carries inscriptions displaying a variety of adornments, the hero to whom it’s dedicated, including bas relief panel, frieze and soldier in its horse figures carved on the stone itself. As usual, it is carved in the form of a stone monument and features inscription underneath the carvings, possibly narating the battle.
See photos carefully as they are part of the description. U263
Height: 80cm / Width: 36cm / Weight: 31Kg

Detaliile lotului
Hero Stone / Stela
Secolele XVI / XVIII
Good condition, see description
80×36×0 cm
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