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A Pirate and His Treasure

Did you know Johnny Depp is an avid collector? His house is home to towering stacks of CD's, insects and animal skeletons, props from his movies, and numerous Barbies and other dolls that take up a large amount of space. An actor so well known for his diverse and often bizarre roles, Johnny Depp's own life is just as colourful as some of the characters he's portrayed.  

Collecting momentos of yourself may seem a bit self-centered, but an actor is rarely the same as the character he plays. Depp has collected items from the different film sets of the various roles he's performed. Among his collection of props are the hat adn cane from his character Sam in Benny & Joon, the razor shap fingers used in Edward Scissorhands, and the wig he wore in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. In an interview, he said he does not collect these objects for himself: "I keep stuff from movies so I can give it to my grandchildren someday...if I ever have any." 

Willy Wonka and Jack Sparrow at a Tea Party

Like many young girls, Depp's teenage daughter Lily-Rose used to play with Barbies. And like many doting dads, he often wound up joining the fun, whether it was tea time or making up whimsical stories with her dolls. Depp also took this as an opportunity to practise his film characters and voices. Willy Wonka and Jack Sparrow were first guests at Lily-Rose's tea parties, as Depp drew from the mannerisms he gave the characters while entertaining his daughter. Lily-Rose eventually grew out of playing with dolls, but instead of throwing them away Depp started a collection that now includes many other limited edition dolls as well. 

Depp has never told anyone exactly how many different dolls he has, probably to keep his private life private. This hasn't stopped anyone from speculating. An "anonymous source" claims Depp's collection includes a number of celebrity dolls: miniatures of Beyonce, the cast of High School Musical, and Lindsay Lohan, complete with house arrest ankle bracelet. 

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