The Ten Most Legendary Looks of Prince

Prince's unexpected death left behind great music, but also a host of legendary fashion statements. From head-to-toe sequins to bright colors, big collars, prints, and even nude, Prince created an iconic style that was all his own. And who could forget his love of the colour purple (Purple Rain...?!)! This is our countdown of his top 10 most show-stopping looks from the music legend. 


10. Polka-Dot Prince in Philedelphia, 1988

Prince was 80's perfection in this polka-dot outfit. 


9. Prince at the Ultimate Live Experience Tour, 1995

Due to a heated battle with his record label, Prince decdided to write "slave" on his cheek during a concert. The bold statement plus the outfit was typical Prince: striking. 


6. Prince at Super Bowl XLI, 2007

To Prince, this outfit wasn't even that striking: "just blue and orange." The bold colour choice and his purple guitar shaped in his personal symbol was a crowd favourite, and so was the performance. His show at halfitme is considered one of the best Super Bowl performances ever!


7. Welcome 2 America Tour, 2011

Prince wore this golden glitter creation during a concert in Madison Square garden. Even his shoes (high heels) were full of golden glitter. 


6. The 31st People's Choice Awards, 2005

This all-white ensemble is by far the least colourful outfit the artist has worn, but still among the most striking - particularly with the monk-like hood.


5. Dirty Mind Tour, 1981

Prince was not afraid to show his body - made clear by this zebra print speedo and open cut shirt. 


4. MTV Video Music Awards, 1991

Ten years after his Dirty Mind Tour, Prince went one step further: a one-piece with a gaping hole in the back at the MTV Video Music Awards. 


3. Speaking at the American Music Awards, 2015

Prince wore these eye-catching glasses speaking at the American Music Awards in 2015. Third lense is the charm, right? 


2. Live at the Fabulous Forum in LA, 1985

Just missing our number one spot, this outfit perfectly summarizes what Prince was all about: glitz, glamour, and spectacle. The pink boa, fluffy collar, and sequined jacket is one of the most recognisable looks of Prince. 


1. Purple Rain 

At number one is of course Prince's outfit for "Purple Rain." It is only fitting that the artist in his favourite colour and arguably most famous hit top our list. Prince was aslo known for frequently wearing purple on stage. 


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