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Something Old, Something New: How to Find the Perfect Antique Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting task. With so much choice, navigating the swathes of engagement rings may seem like a formidable task when searching for something special, meaningful, and 'just right'. Unlike the more classic style of a single solitaire diamond, antique rings offer something a little different, often with a story attached, for that one-of-a-kind bride. But when it comes to antique engagement rings, how do you know what do you look for? Our gemstone expert, Deborah Mazza is here to help. Follow our guide to finding the perfect antique engagement ring here.


If the bride-to-be likes colour, a Victorian engagement ring could prove to be a winning choice. The Victorians often used coloured gemstones including garnets, emeralds and sapphires, so rings from this time period are a great choice when looking for a bold alternative to the classic diamond solitaire. Traditionally, when going for a coloured gemstone, people have tended to opt for a sapphire engagement ring due to its hard-wearing properties, and Kate Middleton setting the trend. But for those looking for something for unusual but still with colour and durability? 'I would suggest looking for a ruby,' Deborah advises. 'Rubies have an excellent hardness, second only to diamond - and at a fraction of the price it’s no wonder we’re seeing a real demand for ruby rings.'

Art Nouveau

The antithesis to the simplicity of a traditional solitaire, Art Nouveau rings have a very distinctive style and are guaranteed to satisfy the tastes of anyone who likes to make a statement with their jewellery. Dating back to the late 19th century, art nouveau style is famed for intricate detailed designs and flowing curves, making it a bold choice for brides. 'Art Nouveau rings are very distinctive and with many of the designs dating back over a century, they carry a lot of history and have an element of romanticism to them' Deborah says. Often featuring numerous coloured stones in a delicate but intricate style, these unusual designs have regained popularity when it comes to engagement rings as buyers look for something more unique.'

Art Deco 

Love 20s glamour and striking designs? Choose an Art Deco style ring. The Art Deco movement first gained popularity in the 1920s and the designs are typified by bold and geometric styles and angles, which break away from the flowing styles of the previous era. Deborah tells us that Art Deco jewellery has a seen a revival in popularity and vintage engagement rings of this style are very much in vogue. She says that with films such as The Great Gatsby reigniting the trend for 1920s glamour, she's seen a real interest in rings from this period.

Antique Tiffany & Co

And for some, when only the best will do, look no further than a vintage Tiffany & Co. The crème de la crème of diamonds, Tiffany & Co has been making engagement rings since 1837. Their designs are classic in style and by buying vintage you are guaranteed to get a ring that feels timeless and historic. Of course when bidding on a Tiffany ring, always look for a certificate of authenticity and buy through a reputable dealer to give you peace of mind with your purchase.

Since trends have moved away from the traditional solitaire style ring found in high-street stores, people are looking for something more out of the ordinary. This is why vintage rings have become so popular. If you're searching for the perfect antique engagement ring and haven't yet found 'the one' then why not discover our engagement ring auction and regular jewellery auctions

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