Top 5 Most Produced Car Models

Can you guess what you think the top 5 most produced car models are? You might be surprised! Cars have been manufactured since the end of the 19th century and since Henry Ford's introduction of the Ford the Model T, available for the broader audience. The Ford Model T was the first mass-produced car and 15 million of them were made. However this huge figure is still not enough to earn it a spot on the list of the 5 most produced car models! So keep reading and see what did make it to the list...

5. VAZ 2101 (Over 19 million produced)
This Russian automobile was produced from 1970 until 2012 and has been referred to by a few different names including 'Lada 1200' and 'Lada Riva'. If it looks familiar, that's because it is a re-engineered Fiat 124 so they look a lot like each other. That's not the only interesting thing about the design of this car - in fact its look has barely changed since 1980. The reason this car makes our list is because it was one of the few cars people living in the former Soviet Union could afford, and despite the fact it did not drive very well and was not luxurious at all, over 19 million units were produced and sold. Because of its bulletproof reliability, millions are still on the road today.

4. Volkswagen Beetle (Over 23 million produced)
In 4th place on this list is a car we probably all recognise: the Volkswagen Type 1, better known as the Beetle. Designed and commissioned by Adolf Hitler who wanted a car for the people, Ferdinand Porsche was contracted in 1934 to design and build the Beetle. The first Beetle was produced in 1938, but only about 600 were made between 1938 and 1945 because of the second World War. Despite the fact that Volkswagen stopped the production in Germany in 1978, the last Beetle left the factory in Mexico in 2003. It had an air cooled boxer engine in the back and storage space in the front. It could fit 5 people so it was a common family car. Volkswagen produced 21.5 million original Beetles and since 1997 have produced 1.5 million new Beetles.

3. Volkswagen Golf (Over 30 million produced)
Next on the list is the successor to the Volkswagen Beetle. The Volkswagen Golf is now in its 7th generation and over 30 million have already been produced. Since Volkswagen didn’t know exactly what to do in the post-Beetle period; the Golf actually saved their brand when it got just as popular as the Beetle. The Golf is offered in a number of versions, from economic diesels to the sporty GTI model. It has become incredibly popular over the years because it is fun to drive, comfortable, reliable and good looking. Since the first generation, the Golf has been produced in different body styles: 3 and 5 doors, hatchbacks, convertibles and a third generation station wagon.

2. Ford F-series (Over 40 million produced)
The Ford F-series has been the best selling pickup truck in the United States since 1977. It is so well loved for its strong and useful design that people have been buying the same truck for generations. Ford introduced the first F-series in 1948 and in 2015, the 13th generation rolled of the assembly line. The reason for its huge popularity in the United States but not in other countries is because it consumes too much fuel for European standards, as it is a very heavy truck with a large V8 engine. Nonetheless, Ford has already produced over 40 million F-series cars and that number is still growing.

1. Toyota Corolla (Over 43 million produced)
And finally... The most produced car to date is the Toyota Corolla. Since its launch in 1966, Toyota have managed to sell over 43 million Corollas through 11 generations of models produced in 14 countries worldwide. The name 'Corolla' comes from Toyota's tradition of using names derived from the word 'crown' for their cars, with ‘Corolla’ being Latin for ‘small Crown’. It's perhaps not the most exciting car, but it is reliable, comfortable and practical and is sold at a reasonable price... which is why it has made it to the top of our list. 

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