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Cadillac, Dodge, Chevrolet; What's your favourite from Catawiki's Classic American Car Auction?

Take a road trip through time with our American Classic car auction. You may have thought they were only found on the big-screen, but these classic cars - well maintained or fantastically restored - from the United States are open to bids right now.

1. Dodge - Coronet 383 V8 - 1970

2. Chevrolet - Pick up - 1948

3. Buick - Roadmaster Riviera Coupé - 1953

4. Chevrolet - Corvette Sting Ray 1973

5. Cadillac - Sixty Special Fleetwood - 1947

6. Chevrolet National - 1928 

7. Dodge Charger Coupé 5200 cc V8 1973

8. Chevrolet - Master Deluxe - 1939


Want to see more? Head on over to our American Classic Car auction below, or visit our regular Classic Car auction for international makes and models.



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