The Story Behind Our New Campaign

By Simone | 2nd November 2018

This week we’ve launched our new campaign. Find out what the story behind the campaign is and take a look at our brand new commercial below.

We all have our quirks and obsessions. Some people seem to know which song is playing just by hearing the first note, other people know exactly how many different types of trains a country has or can spend years fixing up an old car. Some people know every Pokémon by name and other people somehow always seem to be able to find an excuse to quote their favourite movie. One of our founders spent hours on the internet looking for certain comic books and, together with his friend, built a platform to keep track of his collection. These are the things who make you who you are, the things that make you, you.

We believe that everyone has something unique in them. We want to celebrate what makes you different and help you in your search for whatever makes you unique. This is why we have launched a new campaign in the country where it all started: The Netherlands. Here is the commercial, in Dutch. We hope you love it as much as we do. 


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