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Expert's Choice: Highlights from the Bert Teunissen Photography Auction

By Simone | 14th November 2018

In our Expert's Choice feature, one of our in-house experts shares their favourite items in auction. This week, photography expert Daniel Heikens shares five highlights from our special Bert Teunissen photography auction (16th November - 24th November), which features many extraordinary prints, all from his personal collection, including a portfolio and prints from his exhibitions.

1. Domestic Landscapes - Belin Béliet #2

Giclee print made by Souverein on 500 grams Somerset Satin from 1999.

This print is part of one of the most interesting projects of Dutch photographer Bert Teunissen, ‘Domestic Landscapes’, where he documented many people in their own homes, usually built before World War II. Over time, it has become one of the largest photographic archives about European rural life.

2. Domestic Landscapes - Wehl #1

Giclee print made by Souverein on 500 grams Somerset Satin from 1999.

Wehl #1 is also from the series Domestic Landscapes, about which Teunissen says: “It all started when I entered a space in which I had never been before, but that felt like home for to me… At first, it was all quite indefinable but later on, it became clear to me that I was chasing a ghost from the past: my old place of birth that I lost when I was eight years of age.”

3. Portfolio from his personal collection (2000)

This portfolio has 31 photographic prints which are the result of both autonomous and commercial assignments. In every portfolio, the first image is from his Domestic Landscapes series. The portfolio comes directly from Bert Teunissen himself and was made to acquire new clients in the American photo market, for magazines and advertising & design agencies.

4. Four framed portfolio prints from Domestic Landscapes

These portraits show Dutch, French & Portuguese kitchens and bedrooms from around 2000, that were framed for a single event in 2008. They are some of the first images Domestic Landscapes and are in perfect condition.

5. Domestic Landscapes - Ruurlo #2

Giclee print made by Souverein on 500 grams Somerset Satin from 1999.

These are old exhibition prints from 1999 that got framed for a few events in Denmark, Amsterdam, New York, Woodstock and Zutphen.


You can find all these prints in the Bert Teunissen Photography auction starting on the 16th November - 24th November.

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